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The skills needed for the company to function properly are called values

Honesty, teamwork, responsibility, efficiency, quality and flexibility are the values ​​on which our company is based and which helps us shape our progress and development. These values ​​are important to us and help us define our identity, make constructive decisions, represent an effective way of recruiting, and last but not least, communicate what is important to us. We believe it is our duty to highlight these strong values ​​to create a prosperous future and a solid business environment.


Our belief is that a company can grow efficiently and healthily if the whole team thinks at a high level.

“Specific”, “measurable,” “ambitious,” “realistic,” “timed,” are essential terms in achieving the proposed new goals and making progress. We strive to diversify our products and services regardless of the type of market. We actively believe that a healthy business environment is a prerequisite for shaping a healthier society. From the point of view of strategies, efforts, responsibility and professionalism, we want to rebuild trust between business and society. We create opportunities in situations where they are lacking.


"Forming a team is just the beginning, to stay together is the progress, to work together is the success"

People are the most valuable resource of a company because they, as a team, can secure the success of a company. In the context in which people spend a great deal of time at work, we feel it is particularly important for them to be able to work in a pleasant environment based on respect, appreciation, education, motivation and appropriate conditions. A well-welded team is formed when people connect, communicate with each other, and begin to help each other, just like in a family. A welded team becomes truly performing when a strong leader makes a presence, gives a worthy example, efficiently delegates tasks, resolves conflicts and manages to induce effective communication, mutual trust, common goals, communion, avoidance of negativity, and respect. We invest in people’s development to achieve the desired quality and performance, it is especially important for people to feel that they have what they learn and have the potential to develop individually and as a team.


Our main responsibility

Starting with 2003, Alamador has the central objective of meeting the needs and expectations of our customers, offering quality regardless of the business sector in which we operate.

Marghita, Calea Republicii, nr. 17/B
Tel: +40 745 595 136

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